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Commercial HVAC Energy Bill

4 Tips to Lowering Your Commercial HVAC Energy Bill

Business owners in Lake Charles, Louisiana, are no strangers when it comes to managing expenses. But powering your business can be a huge financial toll. Here are four tips to help you lower your commercial HVAC energy bill:

Maintain Your Equipment

Your commercial HVAC unit works hard to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your business. Routinely caring for it is one of the simplest steps you can take to minimize your energy costs. With regular maintenance appointments, you can fix small issues before they lead to major breakdowns. As a result, you can also lower your risk of requiring a premature replacement.

Be Energy Efficient

Turn off all nonessentials at night. You obviously won’t shut down your refrigeration system if you own a restaurant. But make sure to turn off any lights and computers. Afraid you’ll forget? Set a a sleep timer or install lighting motion sensors to halt undue expenses.

Even with your commercial refrigeration system, you can still lower your costs there. Updating your refrigeration system with night covers or energy-optimizing controls could help reduce your monthly bill.

Replace Light Bulbs

Make the switch to 18-watt LED bulbs if you haven’t already. The cost difference may seem like small potatoes, but there are most likely a few dozen bulbs spread through your space. Replacing all of them with energy-efficient bulbs could add up to some nice savings. And you won’t have to worry about bulbs randomly burning out in the middle of the business day.

Balance Your Budget

Sometimes the easiest solutions are the hardest to see at first. But the best thing you can do is to monitor your energy bill. Studying your monthly bills will pinpoint the largest energy cost for your specific business, like rising cooling costs in the summer. This will help you decide which of our tips best work for you and provide insight as to where you’re consuming the most energy.

Unfortunately, we can’t turn off the lights for you, but we can maintain your commercial HVAC unit. Ace Air Conditioning is ready to help your Lake Charles business lower its energy costs. Schedule your appointment today and learn how we can help by calling (337) 205-3929.

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