Here are some common issues with older AC systems

If you want your house to be comfortable during the hot weather this summer, make sure older AC system is in optimal condition by scheduling a tune-up. The average unit lifespan is 1015 years, but there are many signs that an aging AC system is breaking down prematurely. In this blog post, we’ll review the signs of an older AC system going out.

Inefficiencies cost you money

As AC systems age, natural wear-and-tear occurs. As a system works hard to keep the temperature comfortable indoors, it is exposed to the elements. Years of exposure and wear damage components such as the fan, coil, or refrigerant lines, making the system work harder to cool your home and increasing your home energy costs.

There are other issues with aging systems:

  • Older systems are less efficient, taking longer to cool your house, which contributes to higher energy bills.
  • Older AC units need cleaned more often and if they aren’t, your indoor air quality will decrease. Dust, pet fur, mold, and mildew can all travel through HVAC systems and into your home.
  • As components deteriorate, your air conditioner is more likely to need frequent repairs, which can be pricey and can leave you sweating when you need your system to be working its hardest.
  • Electrical issues also become more prevalent with age, which can lead to the system shorting out or catching fire.
  • Problems like broken motors or damaged belts can lead to issues with one or both of your AC unit’s fans, which can result in limited airflow and, eventually, compressor failure.

Regular maintenance is important

Regular maintenance is a great way to increase the lifespan of your AC unit. Catching these common problems early may make it easier to fix and cut costs in the long run. Also, having your system cleaned annually helps it run more economically.

As technology advances, new systems become more efficient, and a technician can tell you the ideal time for repair versus replacement.

Experts can help work with your older AC system

If these issues sound familiar, it may be time to replace or tune up your older AC system. Contact us today to schedule a service consultation. Experts will assess how much life is left in your unit and help you make the best decision for your household.

Do ductless air conditioners require routine maintenance?

Do Ductless Air Conditioners Require Routine MaintenanceDuctless air conditioners work similarly to central air conditioners, except they’re able to cool rooms without ductwork. Separate indoor blower units are required for each room that requires cooling. Also, each of the systems has its own thermostat so you can set different temperature in each room.

One common question regarding ductless air conditioners that come into the minds of users is whether it requires annual inspection similar to central air conditioner tune-up.

And the simple answer to this question is yes!

The importance of regular ductless air conditioner tune-up

Ductless air conditioners, like all mechanical devices, are subject to wear-and-tear. Annual maintenance of the air conditioner is important to ensure optimal cooling. Regular checkup of the cooling device reduces the risk of costly repairs. It helps extend the life of the unit and ensures that the device continues to generate optimal cooling for a long time.

Avoid damage to internal components

The inner parts of the ductless air conditioner can become faulty over time similar to regular air conditioners. Annual inspection reduces the risk of emergency breakdown. During the routine inspection, the technician will clean the condenser coil that has become dirty. This will ensure optimal cooling of the device.

Also, the technician will adjust the blower fan assembly if required to ensure that it does not break down right in the middle of a particularly hot summer day. Unique to this type of air conditioner is the chance of the mount to become loose. An experienced air conditioner technician will inspect the unit and make the required adjustments.

Keeps the condensate and evaporator coils healthy

Leaks in the condensate line are common with this type of air conditioner. Cleaning of the condensate line is an important annual maintenance task for your ductless air conditioner.

An experienced technician will clean the condensate line and the evaporator coil, adjust the fan belt, lubricate the moving parts, and repair or replace faulty components.

Ensures smooth working of the equipment

Regular maintenance of the air conditioner will ensure that the cooling device runs smoothly and efficiently. This will mean optimum cooling, as well as reduced energy bills. Annual maintenance of the ductless air conditioner will also reduce the risk of emergency breakdowns and extend the life of the unit. This will ensure minimum inconvenience and maximum cost savings for you.

Ductless air conditioners require maintenance. Schedule yours with Ace Air!

The bottom-line is that you should consider regular maintenance of your ductless air conditioner. You will save cost and enjoy optimal cooling due to annual inspection of the unit.

Call us at Ace Air Conditioning to schedule maintenance for your ductless air conditioner. Our certified and experienced technicians can make sure you save this summer on your energy bills, all while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a working AC system.

What are the benefits of getting a new AC system?

Repair versus a new AC systemIf your current air conditioner is getting up there in age, it may be time to get a new AC system installed. But, how do you know when it’s time for your older air conditioner to go? In this post, we’ll review some of the reasons you should just make the switch.

Reasons to replace your current air conditioner

Here are just some of the reasons you should consider replacing your current air conditioner:

  • It’s entering old age: Most air conditioners last between 10-15 years, so if your current air conditioner is more than a decade old, it may be a good time to start shopping for a new one. It’s not just the fear of a breakdown that should motivate you: older air conditioners are less efficient than newer ones, meaning that replacement procrastination could be costing you every single month.
  • You are done dealing with repairs: If your current air conditioner constantly needs repairs, you may be putting too much effort and cash into keeping it going. At some point, you’ll need to weigh the cost of continually repairing your old system against the expense of a new system. You may be surprised at how much certain repair costs can add up over time.
  • It’s not cooling your home: The bottom line is that the purpose of any air conditioner is to cool your home and keep you comfortable. If your old one is struggling with this, get in contact with Ace. We can either help you maintain your current system and improve its performance and efficiency, or help match you to a new system.

Reasons to purchase a new AC

  • You can benefit from better efficiency: If your air conditioner has struggled to bring you even modest returns on your energy dollar, you’ll be pleased to learn that the systems available today are far more efficient than their cooling predecessors. In fact, the Carrier systems that Ace sells are among the most energy-efficient systems out there.
  • You need a reliable system: When you purchase a new AC system, you know it’s going to work for some time to come. Not so with your current system, which could go out on you any day from now.
  • You need cooling: Let’s admit it. No one likes to be hot in their home during the summer. If the heat and humidity are getting to you and your family, a new air conditioner may be just the solution. Talk to the experts at Ace, and we’ll help match your home to the perfect air conditioner.

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