Thinking about DIY AC Repair? You may want to reconsider

DIY AC RepairMost people think that do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs are a great way to save costs. However, when it comes to AC repairs, you should let the professional take care of the task.

The AC is not a simple piece of equipment that you can take apart and repair. The cooling device contains a lot of complicated components and wiring. As a result, repairing the appliance is beyond the capabilities of a layman.

If you choose to repair the AC system yourself, you could not just jeopardize the system, but be putting your life at risk. Here are four reasons that you should always let the experts take care of the AC repair task.

1. You can damage or destroy the equipment

Keep in mind that the AC contains delicate parts. If you accidentally damage even one of the parts, you might end up ruining the entire system.

Most of the issues with the air conditioner are not easy to resolve. A repair that would have cost a few hundred bucks will cost you thousands of dollars due to not taking proper care when repairing the equipment yourself.

Proper repair of the air conditioner requires great expertise and experience. It requires using the right tools that will not damage the delicate components inside the cooling device. While you may be able to temporarily resolve the issue, the chances are that the air conditioner will require further repairs soon after.

2. There’s a risk of electrocution

DIY AC repair can be extremely dangerous, particularly if you don’t have the experience and know-how about the proper way to repair the equipment. The chances of electrocution are high if you don’t take proper precautions when carrying out the repair work.

In most cases, electrocution is fatal. Either way, why put yourself at risk for injury and thousands in medical bills due to severe burns? Call a professional in first.

3. It poses a fire hazard

Another reason you should never try to repair the air conditioning unit yourself is that it can result in an electrical fire. Improper wiring could lead to electrical fire putting you and your family at risk. That’s why it’s important that you leave the repair task for a professional.

4. It can void your warranty

The air conditioner’s warranty will be void if it is repaired by anyone other than a certified technician. If the warranty becomes void, you won’t be able to get the unit replaced. Additionally, you will end up paying thousands of dollars if something goes wrong during the DIY AC repair.

The above reasons clearly show that you should always let a professional technician handle air condition repairs. The professional will utilize the right tools and take proper precaution so that the repair work gets done efficiently and safely.

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Considering DIY Furnace Repair? Here Are Some Of The Dangers

Dangers of DIY Furnace RepairWhen the furnace develops an issue, some people find it tempting to fix the problem without calling a professional. After all, who would not want to save money through a DIY repair task? While this may be true for some of the tasks around the house, you should never try DIY furnace repair yourself, as it is an extremely dangerous task for anyone without furnace repair training.

No one of sane mind would want to put his or her head inside a lion’s mouth. However, when you try to repair the furnace yourself, you are doing just that. Instead of saving money, trying to repair a furnace yourself will cost you more trouble, more money, and even put your life at risk.

Here are some of the reasons why you should never treat furnace repairs as a DIY task.

1. Danger of carbon monoxide poisoning

One of the prime dangers of trying to perform furnace repair by yourself is that it could expose you to the deadly carbon monoxide (CO) gas. CO gas, when inhaled, can result in death due to hypoxiation. The gas can leak out when you perform the furnace repair yourself.

In contrast, a professional technician will know how to perform the job safely without resulting in the release of a gas that can be deadly for you and your family.

2. Danger of damaging the furnace

Another risk of a DIY furnace repair is that you can badly damage the unit. The loss of replacing a damaged furnace can amount to thousands of dollars.

By letting a professional take care of the furnace repair task, you will not only save time but also money as there is no chance of damage to your unit. The money that you pay to the professional will be much less than the cost of having to replace a damaged unit.

3. Danger of a fire hazard

A fire hazard is present when you try to repair the unit yourself. A fire can start if you do not take proper precaution when repairing the unit.

A woman in Massachusetts accidentally set her house on fire when she was trying to repair her gas-fueled heater and removed the gas shut-off valve. This clearly illustrates the danger of attempting to repair the furnace yourself.

You should always contact a professional and experienced technician when it comes to furnace repairs.

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Furnace repair task should never be done yourself. The risks involved in a DIY furnace repair are high. That’s why only licensed and qualified technicians should repair the furnace. An experienced technician will use the right tools and take proper precautions that ensure that no accidents occur while repairing the furnace.

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