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Moss Bluff has a long, complex history. Originally a hunting and fishing ground for the Atakapan people, the area fell under the control of the Spanish during the 18th century. It was subsequently the subject of fervent dispute between the administrators of Spanish Texas and French Louisiana. After the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, a broad area that included Moss Bluff was designated as a neutral zone by the U.S. and Spanish governments. The U.S. finally seized control in the 1820s, and a period of intense agricultural development ensued. Later, sustained growth in the Lake Charles area created population pressures that led to the establishment of Moss Bluff as a bedroom community for the larger city.


Moss Bluff is located in the southwestern corner of Louisiana. It’s about 150 driving miles from Houston and around 210 driving miles from New Orleans. As part of Calcasieu Parish, it stands at the nexus of a robust transportation network that includes U.S. Highway 171 as well as Interstates 10 and 210. With an average elevation of just 20 feet above sea level, Moss Bluff’s surroundings consist of flat, swampy areas and moist stands of pine forest. Most of the area was developed after 1960.

Population and Demographics

After years of brisk growth, Moss Bluff’s population now sits near 12,000 and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Although the area lacks major employers, many residents are drawn by low land prices and an excellent school system. Most work in the tourism or energy industries in nearby Lake Charles. Others continue to farm the surrounding lowlands or work in the logistical support businesses that keep the area’s agricultural sector humming. Moss Bluff is slightly more affluent than Louisiana at large.

Things to Do in Moss Bluff, Louisiana

Moss Bluff has plenty of local attractions. With miles of walking trails and modern picnic facilities, Sam Houston Jones State Park is one of the most popular destinations in the Louisiana state park system. To the south, Sabine National Wildlife Refuge harbors dozens of migratory bird species. For history buffs, the Louisiana African American History Trail is a can’t-miss experience. Nearby Lake Charles sponsors one of the country’s largest Mardi Gras celebrations, and the Contraband Days Festival celebrates Cajun culture for 12 days in early May. L’Auberge du Lac Casino Resort is popular with local gamers.

Climate and Weather

Like the rest of southwestern Louisiana, Moss Bluff has a subtropical, humid climate that’s heavily influenced by the Gulf of Mexico. The area’s winters are generally mild, but isolated frosts and freezes can cause significant damage to local gardens and crops. During the transitional seasons, powerful thunderstorms provide ample moisture and keep temperatures at manageable levels. Summertime can be quite hot and humid. Towards the end of summer, the risk of tropical storm activity reaches a peak. Fortunately, direct hurricane strikes are rare.

Air Conditioning Repair in Moss Bluff, Louisiana

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