Many homeowners here in South Louisiana are opening up their doors and windows, thawing out from the winter, and starting the process of what is commonly referred to as “spring cleaning.” As you put together your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget to have your indoor air quality tested. An IAQ test can help identify exactly what’s in your home’s air, and the professionals at Ace Air can also provide recommendations for purifying and cleaning your air so that you can breathe easier this summer.

Schedule your IAQ test with the professionals at Ace Air this spring.

Clear the air in your home this spring with an IAQ test from the professionals at Ace Air.

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5 reasons to schedule an IAQ test this spring

Still on the fence about scheduling an indoor air quality test with the IAQ pros at Ace Air? Here are some of the benefits of adding an IAQ test from our team to your spring cleaning checklist.

Reduce airborne pet hair and dander

If you have pets, you’re probably not allergic to your pets. However, your guests might be. Cat and dog hair and dander can build up throughout your home over time, collecting in your air ducts and on almost every surface. Even pet hair you can’t see might be present in your air. An indoor air quality test can help identify just how saturated your air is with pet hair, and what you can do through filtration to reduce the amount of pet hair and dander in your home’s air.

Good for asthma sufferers

Although it may seem like asthma attacks are completely random, there is usually some kind of irritant in the air that is causing your airway to tighten. There are a number of culprits that may be lurking throughout your home:

  • Air pollution
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Pet dander
  • Dust
  • Mold

An IAQ test from the professionals here at Ace can help you uncover these sources of asthma discomfort and resolve them. As a result, your overall quality of life is likely to improve.

You’re allergy-prone

Spring is a terrible time for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. The misery is mostly caused by pollen. Here in South Louisiana, allergies can be a year-round problem. Even though pollen originates outside, allergens can quickly find their way inside, extending your misery. We can help you find a filter that removes pollen content from your home’s air.

You haven’t had an IAQ test in a while

Because of the number of particles that can disrupt your air quality, it’s wise to have your house tested every year as part of your home’s regular maintenance routine. Not only is an IAQ test a good idea for your own benefit, but you’ll help guests feel more comfortable when they visit.

Schedule an indoor air quality test with our team

To have your annual IAQ test completed, contact our team. We can help you clear the air as part of your spring cleaning checklist.