Everyone in Louisiana knows that summer doesn’t start on June 21—the hot weather moves in much earlier. The heat, humidity, and bright rays of sunshine work together to beat down on your home, your family, and your skin. If you’re left unprepared—or if your air conditioning unit is on its last legs—you’ll find that summer can be unbearable. While you’re out enjoying a day at the pool or off on vacation, keep these tips for staying cool in mind so that your home stays comfortable all throughout the summer.

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One of our best tips for staying cool this summer in Lake Charles is having our team ensure your air conditioners are running right.How to stay cool at home

Make sure your air conditioner is working properly

First things first: having a properly working air conditioning unit is the key to staying cool at home during the summer. Some homeowners ignore the warning signs that their AC unit is dying—if your unit is old, outdated, or making funny sounds, it’s time for a tune-up or repair. You may not even think anything is wrong, but once an expert takes a closer look, you could find hidden problems. For excellent AC service in the Lake Charles area, call the team at Ace Air. We handle all makes and models and can get your home cooled down fast.

If your air conditioning is on its last legs, consider upgrading to a new unit. You’ll be glad you did. Imagine the hot, stuffy nights spent in your living room compared to the crisp, cool air you’ll feel each time you walk through the door. At Ace Air, we install both Carrier and Trane air conditioners. Call us for a free in-home estimate here in the Lake Charles area.

Other ways to keep your cool this summer

Invest in floor fans if you like to stay extra cool throughout the night. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting your indoor temperature to 78F when you are home to save money on energy bills. Find whatever temperature is most comfortable for you!

Additionally, you can stay hydrated at home by drinking six to eight 8 oz. glasses of water during the day. Wear light clothing to stay comfortable indoors. You can even store your heavier blankets and sheets away and bring out lighter, breathable fabrics. There are many measures you as a homeowner can take to prepare your home for hotter temperatures.

Staying cool outside

When you venture outdoors here in Lake Charles, be sure to remember these three important things: 1) sunscreen, 2) hydration, and 3) summer-friendly outdoor activities.

Sunscreen is a necessity, not only for summer, but also for year-round outdoor play. No matter what SPF level sunscreen you buy, you should reapply every 2 hours for full protection from the sun. Sunscreen is a crucial must-have for this summer. Even on an overcast day, you could get sunburned!

Stay hydrated while you’re outdoors, especially in this humidity. Insulated water bottles are both eco-friendly and budget-friendly—they’re reusable and keep your liquids cold all day long. Drinking water, even if you aren’t thirsty, will help keep you healthy and hydrated. If you’re feeling tired, groggy, or grumpy, you may just be dehydrated.

This summer, find a nearby pool and go for a swim! You can find summer-friendly activities that are cheap, fun, and relaxing for the whole family. Sit under the shade and read a book, enjoy an indoor museum or mall, or grab some shaved ice at Mama Shine Shaved Ice and More!

How to make the most of your summer dollar

Whether you’re enjoying summer inside or outdoors, you’ll want to stay within your budget and save money whenever possible. If you go away for a vacation, set your thermostat to a higher temperature, but don’t turn that AC completely off! You’ll come home to a stifling hot home, and it may cost more to bring the temperature down.

Save even more money by taking advantage of HVAC coupons, like the ones we offer at Ace Air! You can rest easy knowing a certified professional is taking care of your air conditioning unit. Our professionals can answer any of your questions, from thermostat care to proper AC maintenance.

If you make a conscious effort this summer to stay cool—and stay within budget—you’ll see major savings on your upcoming energy bills. Need air conditioning services this summer? For friendly, efficient service, call the team here at Ace Air.

Call Ace Air for more tips for staying cool this summer

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