At Ace Air Conditioning, we offer exemplary AC repair services from industry-certified cooling technicians with years of experience. With our 24/7 emergency service, we’re here when you need us. However, we understand that no matter how much stress we take out of the AC repair process, you’d still prefer to not have the breakdown in the first place. While you can’t always avoid needing repairs, you can take several steps to steer clear of a breakdown.

AC RepairSchedule annual maintenance

The number one thing you can do to avoid an AC repair emergency this summer? Schedule a tune-up this spring. At Ace Air, we encourage folks to get tune-ups because they really do help keep systems running all season, and they boost your energy efficiency. It’s a great deal with a ton of benefits. Instead of spending the summer worrying if the strange sounds coming from your air conditioner are a sign of an impending breakdown that will leave you and your family in the heat, schedule a tune-up and maximize your peace of mind.

The industry-certified technicians at Ace will thoroughly inspect your system and ensure that everything is in working order. They’ll also help you get your system to its most efficient state so that you can enjoy the energy savings during even the hottest months.

Reduce your heat production

Summers are hot enough already. By running your oven or dryer during the warmest days and nights, you’re only adding to the burden your air conditioner has to carry. That strain may eventually result in a breakdown. Instead, try timing your dryer use to correspond with the cooler times on weekend mornings. Avoid using the oven or stove and make a fresh salad for the family. By reducing the amount of heat created by appliances in your home, you can really cut down on the amount of work your AC has to do, saving you energy.

Consider other ways to cool your home

AC repairThe air conditioner is a lifesaver, and it’s hard to imagine what summers would be like without it. But, that doesn’t mean that you should use it exclusively. Here are some other ways to cool your home without burning a ton of energy or using your AC constantly:

  • Fans: By turning on the fan in the room you’re in, you can reduce how hot you feel without the need for massive amounts of air conditioning. Just remember: a fan only cools you, not the actual hot air. This means that you should turn off fans that are running in rooms that you’re not in. They’re not doing anything but wasting electricity.
  • Curtains: Everyone loves the fresh feeling of sunlight streaming in through the kitchen while you make dinner. We’re not asking you to give that up: sunshine can actually be healthy. However, when you’re not home or are in rooms that aren’t in use, use sun-blocking curtains and blinds to keep the sun—and accompanying heat—from streaming in.
  • Open windows at night: On less humid nights, open your windows to allow cool air into your home. A combination of open windows and fans may help you avoid using the air conditioner at all when you’re sleeping, saving you money and making the chance of a breakdown less likely.

What happens when you need AC repair?

While your chances of a breakdown would be reduced, you could do all of the things listed above and still end up needing AC repair. If that’s the case, Ace Air is here for you and your family. To schedule your emergency service appointment 24/7, give us a call.