As temperatures begin to drop, many homeowners are ready to turn on the heat and keep the family warm and toasty. However, if you haven’t turned on your furnace since last year, you may not know if it is ready to be up-and-running. How do you know if something is wrong with your furnace?

In this blog, we’ll walk through the criteria that will help you decide if you need to talk to Ace Air Conditioning about your furnace in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

An increase in heating bills

While it’s true that your gas and electric bills will likely fluctuate from month-to-month, a sudden increase may be a sign that something is wrong. You may not want to think about the extra cost of repairing or replacing a furnace, but—over time—the difference in your heating bills could add up to more than a total overhaul would cost.

The flame is not blue

Your furnace’s flame should burn blue. If you notice that the flame is not the right color, specifically if it is yellow or it is flickering, this could mean that there is an increase in carbon monoxide gas coming from the furnace. This problem should be fixed immediately, as it can be extremely dangerous to all those residing in the home.

More dust in the air

An inefficient furnace is unable to adequately clean the air to keep dust down. If you notice a buildup of dust around your cold air returns or other vents, try changing the air filters first, then call the professionals at Ace Air for furnace repair in Lake Charles.

Strange noises

Loud banging, clanking, and clicking sounds are not normal for a furnace. If you begin hearing these strange noises, it may be time for a tune-up. Furnaces usually only last 10-15 years, so if yours is older, you are much more likely to notice noises.

Call Ace Air for furnace repair in Lake Charles

At Ace Air Conditioning, our technicians can handle your furnace repair in Lake Charles. Give us a call if you have noticed any of the above-mentioned signs.