Climate control is one of the best ways to beat the heat and humidity of a Louisiana summer, which is why you expect the system to work when you turn it on. If your HVAC equipment doesn’t function properly, it’s important to call Ace Air for 24/7 air conditioner repair in Sulphur, LA as soon as possible.

5 common causes of air conditioner failure

Here are the 5 most-common reasons air conditioners fail during the summer—and what you can do to ensure that your air conditioner keeps working as it should, even on the hottest nights of the year.

Call Southern Air for air conditioner repair in Sulphur, LA.1. Lack of professional maintenance

Your air conditioner has a lot of complex parts and components. Much like your car, it needs regular care and attention to ensure that it’s working properly. With professional, preventative maintenance from an Ace Air technician, you can make sure your cooling system is in proper working condition. Call our team in the spring to schedule your AC tune-up—it’ll make a world of difference when it comes to preventing breakdowns.

Here’s the flip side of that: without expert maintenance at least once per year, your air conditioner is at much greater risk of breaking down this summer.

2. Thermostat failure

The thermostat is the central nervous system of your HVAC units. It commands the unit to turn off, turn on, or run in a certain way. If the thermostat isn’t functioning properly, you could run into multiple cooling problems over the summer: a house that doesn’t cool down like it should, extra stress on the equipment, or catastrophic energy bills. Any of these are a sign that you need to call us for air conditioner repair in Sulphur, LA.

3. Frozen coils

Your air conditioner requires a constant and consistent flow of air for proper operation. Any disruption or blockage could cause the coil to freeze—even in otherwise hot weather. To keep this from happening, replace your HVAC system’s air filter on a regular basis, and periodically have your ductwork examined and cleaned of potential blockages.

4. Refrigerant leaks

Your air conditioner works by using refrigerant to remove heat from indoor air before pumping it back inside. If your system doesn’t have sufficient levels of this chemical, it won’t cool as well. It’s important to diagnose this problem quickly, as a coolant leak causes your unit to run longer while also creating an environmental hazard.

5. Tripped circuit breaker

It takes a lot of power to operate an HVAC system, which is why you’ll often find this equipment on its own electrical circuit. If your home isn’t cooling, head to the fuse box and look for a blown fuse or tripped breaker. You can remedy this issue yourself, but consult an electrician if it keeps happening.

Call our team for 24/7 air conditioner repair in Sulphur, LA

These are just five of the reasons air conditioners commonly break down in the summer. However, you should always have a professional technician diagnose the issue and give you more information—after all, every AC unit is different and every issue is unique. Call Ace Air for expert, 24/7 cooling repair here in Lake Charles, Sulphur, and the surrounding areas of Southwest Louisiana. Our team is ready to help!