What are packaged systems? Here’s why one may be a fit for your home.

Even an experienced homeowner may tilt their head when they hear the phrase “packaged system.” This is a cooling and heating system that you may have never heard of before. Simply put, a packaged system—also known as a “package unit”—is an all-in-one comfort solution for your home. It has the entire system “packaged” together in a single cabinet, making it ideal for smaller homes with space limitations. These units also are a perfect fit for homes that don’t have the indoor space to fit extra parts like coils, air handlers, or a furnace.

Carrier packaged systems are an all-in-one solution to your comfort needs.

A Carrier packaged system.

With a package unit, all the parts and pieces are usually outdoors, attached to the side of the building or on the roof. Homes without a basement or crawl space are perfect candidates for packaged systems, but any home could benefit from one as well! Read on as we discuss the benefits of this type of system, how it works, and how it can help you save money each month.

For a free in-home estimate on one of our Carrier or Trane packaged systems, call Ace Air for a free in-home estimate here in Lake Charles. Our technicians can help match your home to the perfect new packaged system.

What are the pros and cons of a packaged system?

Before we jump into the benefits and disadvantages of a packaged system, let’s talk about what kind of packaged systems exist. Here are some packaged units you may recognize:

  • Packaged Gas/Electric System
  • Package Heat Pumps
  • Package Air Conditioners

A packaged unit may not be right for everyone. To figure out whether one could work in your home, we’ve compiled a list of common positive and negative aspects of each. Take these into consideration as you think about whether a packaged unit could work in your space:

Installation: Quick and easy installation. Installation is generally more affordable, as well. Roof Leaks: If not installed properly, a rooftop packaged unit could end up leaking into your home, just like any air conditioner placed on the roof.
Size: Great for compact spaces, doesn’t take up much room and is generally out-of-sightOutdoor Environment: A packaged unit has more of its parts and components exposed to the elements. 
Quality: All components are assembled in the same controlled factory environment, ensuring more efficiency 
Noise level: Usually, a package unit is quieter than a split-system unit, making your home more comfortable

Finding the right fit for your home

Before you make the jump into any specific type of heating or cooling unit for your home, do your research. Talk to a professional! Call the team at Ace Air. We can discuss your options and recommend certain solutions. Don’t attempt a DIY solution and don’t choose an unqualified technician to work on your home. Refer back to the pros-and-cons list above, as well as your own research, before making a final decision!

As a homeowner, you have the power to make your home comfortable. In addition to heating and cooling services, Ace Air performs indoor air quality tests, checks ductwork, and cleans out dirt, debris, or mold from your home! Why neglect the space that you use every single day? You could have contaminants in the air due to inefficient systems in your home. Get the home upkeep knowledge and services you need today from an expert at Ace Air!

Why a packaged system could work for you

If you have a smaller home or are replacing your older AC system, a packaged system could be a great fit for you. You’ll hear the unit less often, you’ll save space in your home, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of an efficient, all-in-one unit! Additionally, any service or maintenance will be a breeze, because the technician will only have to check out one unit instead of all the components of a split-system unit. With a trusted team doing the installation work, you don’t have to worry about leaks, breakdowns, or other issues, especially when you schedule regular maintenance as well. That’s the key to keeping your home running smoothly—calling your HVAC team regularly for check-ups and service!

The team at Ace Air here in the Lake Charles area can help repair, maintain, or replace cooling and heating units in your home. We’ve been in service for more than half a century and have long been a trusted and experienced home service provider! The choice is clear—choose Ace Air and call us today!