Do Ductless Air Conditioners Require Routine Maintenance

Do ductless air conditioners require routine maintenance?

Ductless air conditioners work similarly to central air conditioners, except they’re able to cool rooms without ductwork. Separate indoor blower units are required for each room that requires cooling. Also, each of the systems has its own thermostat so you can set different temperature in each room. One common question regarding ductless air conditioners that […]

Air conditioner sizing matters when it comes to energy efficiency

When it comes to new air conditioning units, you need to pay special attention to the air conditioner sizing.  Size does not refer to physical size, but the amount of cooling measured in BTU per hour generated by the air conditioner. Is it time to upgrade to a new system? If your air conditioner is […]

DIY AC Repair

Thinking about DIY AC Repair? You may want to reconsider

Most people think that do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs are a great way to save costs. However, when it comes to AC repairs, you should let the professional take care of the task. The AC is not a simple piece of equipment that you can take apart and repair. The cooling device contains a lot of complicated […]